Automation and monitoring of power plants

Complex solutions for electric part, automation, telemetry and monitoring of power plants. Modernization of HPP.

SCADA Systems and monitoring systems

Development of application software and SCADA systems. Building of monitoring systems and software.

Photovoltaic systems (PV)

Design of various types of photovoltaic systems. Our team will suggest individual complex solution for your solar park.

Industrial automation and CNC

Repair and modernization of CNC machines. Production and repair of industrial automation systems.

Reactive power compensation systems

Capacitive and inductive reactive energy compensation systems, including specially designed for small hydropower plants.

Technical support and service

Technical service, emergency and planned repairs. Subscription maintenance of industrial equipment and HPP.


Monitoring of hydroelectric power plants (HPP), backup power systems - UPS, batteries, accumulators, industrial processes and machinery, flow lines, etc.

HPP Monitoring

WEB-based real-time monitoring system, aimed at technical maintenance, service, continuous monitoring of the main electrical parameters and remote control of small power plants.

Monitoring and energy management

Energy management systems based on advanced SCADA applications. Designed for real-time management, problem detection and trend monitoring.


We manage over 150 sites and gigabytes of information for each customer connected with our software.


We report on the system condition every 10 sec or less, the information is always up to date.


Thanks to our software, our clients have remote access from any point in the world, from any device, anytime.



Automatic power plant control systems based on the latest generation of programmable logic controller (PLC). The systems provide fully automatic operation of the plant with power control according to predefined criteria (power, water level, load schedule, etc.). They also ensure measurement of all necessary parameters and besides the hydrogenerator control the distribution system, the reserved power systems, etc.

Solutions for the automation of individual production units or production lines based on programmable controllers from Siemens, Omron or Schneider Electric. Control systems for thermal kiln, presses, CNC machines, pumping stations, blast automats, etc.

Software development for programmable controllers from Siemens, Omron and Schneider Electric according to customer's requirements. Visualization systems and SCADA systems. Application software for PC for solving specific problems.

Communication Modules (RTU) for monitoring and telemetry systems. Basic modules and software. Measurement and monitoring of electrical and non-electrical parameters. Flexible solutions using different communication environments (internet, GPRS, radio ...). Solutions for water level monitoring in dams without cable connection.

Design, installation and adjustment of relay protections and secondary switching of Medium Voltage systems. Advanced Microprocessor Protection, manufactured by Schneider Electric, GE, ABB. Typical solutions for medium voltage complete distribution systems designed for small hydropower plants or power plants. The units meet the requirements of the EDC and are tailored to the specifics of the certain sites. They are built on the modules of SEL, Schneider electric or ABB.

Design and production of automatic excitation control systems (AVR) of synchronous generators. The systems are designed for brushless or static excitation machines. They are based on last generation controllers and Basler Electric regulators.

Design and production of Low Voltage generator boards and generator protectors for hydropower plants. Switching equipment from Schneider Electric and ABB.

Design and manufacture of low voltage power and relay panels. Tailor made panel production, based on customer’s documentation. Construction of uninterruptible power systems and automatic changeover switches.


Balancing services

Balancing services

Daily forecast of hourly schedules, аnalysis based on statistics from monitoring, dispatching on primary level of a group of HPPs and more.

Technical Support and Service

Technical Support and Service

Installation and commissioning. Technical support, warranty and out warranty service.

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