Balancing services

Monitoring of Group of Power Plants

Real-time monitoring of the operation of several plants, included in a group. The implementation of the forecasting schedule is monitored, as well as the deficiencies and surpluses realized, the level of water in the dam and the change of the river runoff.

Daily forecast of hourly load schedules

Based on the data from the monitoring software, forecast schedules are prepared for the next days. The system can generate a schedule proposal based on the data from the previous day as well.

Analysis based on statistics from monitoring of the production

Analysis of the results of the hourly load schedules performance - verification of the performance of the forecast timetables compared to the produced quantity of electricity, location of possible reasons for possible imbalances, analysis and suggestions for their minimization.

Coordination and planning of repairs in accordance with forecast schedules.

Reconciliation of forecast schedules with the need to carry out repairs - planned repairs of the plants, planned shutdowns of the transmission network, coordination of the power plant - EDC - service teams.

Dispatching on primary level of a group of power plants owned by a company.

Managing the power generation of a group of power plants to minimize the difference between scheduled and produced hourly energy. As a result, a minimum price for imbalance is achieved.