Monitoring Software

Real-time monitoring software, aimed at technical maintenance, service and remote control of small hydropower plants. We continuously improve our system by adding new features and capabilities to meet the requirements of our customers.

Multiple sites

The software is capable of supporting over 10 000 sites and records over 1000 parameters from each one.

Ease of access

Access to the system is available from any device, connected to the Internet.


Customization options for each site, depending on customer needs.


The system allows two-way connection between the client and each site.

Система за мониторинг

Real time monitoring

Continuous monitoring of the main electrical and technical parameters of the plant in real time. The values are recorded in a database, providing the ability to remotely monitor and generate emails or SMS messages to authorized users according to pre-selected criteria. The resulting benefits of this system are:

  • Increasing the efficiency of electricity generation;
  • Pre-service maintenance;
  • Precision in drawing load schedules for balancing needs;
  • Reduce unbalance;

Interactive charts

The system generates interactive charts based on user-defined criteria to visualize the change of site parameters over a certain period of time. The charts allow observing the work of the site and based on this information to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the facility and its handling. The charts are particularly useful in analyzing the causes of damage to the equipment.

Time based reports

Reports are generated by days, months, years, or a user-defined period. They are presented in tables and allow a thorough analysis of the performance of the facilities. They enable an objective assessment of the degree of depreciation of the equipment, the need for possible rehabilitation or replacement of individual units and details and assist in making decisions about it.

Remote control

The system allows, in addition to monitoring the operation of the HPP, full remote control of the plant by authorized users. There is also remote access to the so-called an engineering panel of the automatic control system, allowing the change of basic parameters and constants in the program of the PLC.


The communication method and protocols excluding external interference. The use of the system is only available from authorized users with different access levels. Data is recorded and archived on two separate servers located in different locations.