Technical Support and Service

Warranty and out warranty service

We offer to our customers complete maintenance of production equipment and HPP, including all necessary actions to maintain the systems in the best technical condition – plannеd inspection, replacement of consumables, periodic measurements of basic parameters, etc.

Planned and emergency repairs

Planned repairs to restore or improve the condition of the equipment. Planned repairs are done according to a schedule agreed with the client. Emergency repairs aiming at the elimination of a breakdown resulting in complete or partial failure of the equipment. They take place within a maximum of 24 hours.

Subscription-based maintenance

Upon signing a subscription contract, Electron Service Ltd. takes care and responsibility for all activities related to the technical support, maintenance and repair of a site. We monitor the status of the site through our monitoring system and we are able to respond immediately to an event. This minimize downtime caused by breakdowns.

Installation and commisioning

Installation, adjustment tests and commisioning of equipment manufactured by Electron Service Ltd or other manufacturers. All activities are performed according to applicable standards, with high quality and in short terms.

Monitoring and Process Optimization

Continuous real-time monitoring of production equipment and HPP. Data is provided to the customer in the desired form and time. Based on these data, proposals are made to optimize the equipment and / or the works algoritm to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the sites.